Food Photography

3 Days, 8 Michelin Stars by Nicole Hains

It is not every week you end up on multiple shoots photographing Chef’s that have a combined total of 8 Michelin stars. It was a phenomenal week mainly topped by Michel Roux inviting me to stay to eat lunch after I had completed his portraits that will and up in his publication, The Waterside Magazine. I then continued to shoot add-hock as I indulged in 5 stunning courses washed down with Michael’s very own Champagne.


The Waterside Inn

Lunch with Michel Roux at his three Michelin Star restaurant in Bray.


On another evening, underground in a basement cookery school in London, I found myself surrounded by unbelievable talent with some of the best chef’s the world offers. There was a great atmosphere as; Raymon Blanc, James Tanner, Toby Burrowes, Simin Rogan, Eric Lanlard & Ollie Dabbous cooked up a feast.


The Underground Kitchen

Press event for Ascot’s 2019 Food Launch.

2017 - the round up. by Nicole Hains

Well that went fast!!! 2017 was far busier than I ever expected and I have had the time of my life photographing a hugely wide variety of different subjects. I have photographed many celebrity chef's, Mary Berry & Tom Kerridge you were a delight. I feasted on far too many delicious dishes, photographed more weddings than I could of possibly imagined taking on (see our 2017, a year in the making blog here) and photographed so many recognisable faces from Superman (Henry Cavill) to Motor racing legends, Jackie Stewart, Mark Webber & Mad Mike. 

With all these fantastic photoshoots in my diary, I made the decision that 2018 is the year for change, there are some ambitions you just can't let pass you by. I decided to change the way I work at Goodwood in search of building on my freelance work, I can't tell you exactly where this will lead me but its time to embrace the journey.