3 Days, 8 Michelin Stars by Nicole Hains

It is not every week you end up on multiple shoots photographing Chef’s that have a combined total of 8 Michelin stars. It was a phenomenal week mainly topped by Michel Roux inviting me to stay to eat lunch after I had completed his portraits that will and up in his publication, The Waterside Magazine. I then continued to shoot add-hock as I indulged in 5 stunning courses washed down with Michael’s very own Champagne.


The Waterside Inn

Lunch with Michel Roux at his three Michelin Star restaurant in Bray.


On another evening, underground in a basement cookery school in London, I found myself surrounded by unbelievable talent with some of the best chef’s the world offers. There was a great atmosphere as; Raymon Blanc, James Tanner, Toby Burrowes, Simin Rogan, Eric Lanlard & Ollie Dabbous cooked up a feast.


The Underground Kitchen

Press event for Ascot’s 2019 Food Launch.

2017 - the round up. by Nicole Hains

Well that went fast!!! 2017 was far busier than I ever expected and I have had the time of my life photographing a hugely wide variety of different subjects. I have photographed many celebrity chef's, Mary Berry & Tom Kerridge you were a delight. I feasted on far too many delicious dishes, photographed more weddings than I could of possibly imagined taking on (see our 2017, a year in the making blog here) and photographed so many recognisable faces from Superman (Henry Cavill) to Motor racing legends, Jackie Stewart, Mark Webber & Mad Mike. 

With all these fantastic photoshoots in my diary, I made the decision that 2018 is the year for change, there are some ambitions you just can't let pass you by. I decided to change the way I work at Goodwood in search of building on my freelance work, I can't tell you exactly where this will lead me but its time to embrace the journey. 

Mary Berry's Country House Secrets by Nicole Hains

In her new BBC1 TV programme Country House Secrets, Mary Berry spends time with the Duke of Richmond and his family, delving into the history of food and entertaining at Goodwood. Getting to photograph this wonderful spread of baked goodies was a highlight of my summer and I am glad I can now finally share it with you. 

mary berry country house secrets by Nicole Hains

Festival Of Speed 2017 by Nicole Hains

WOW! Where to start when it comes to explaining how amazing this year’s Festival of Speed was?!

You may notice I spent a lot of time with the drift cars because very little beats being within a meter of Mad Mike doing a burn out in the Mazda MX5 26B until he set the car on fire! For me, highlights had to be riding up the hill climb in the f1 team vans, getting covered in champers by Nico Rosberg and the surreal moment when the evening entertainment consisted of Joules Holland, Nick Mason and Mike and the Mechanics preforming together – Only at Goodwood!

There are opportunities to take images literally around every corner; it’s a playground for any photographer and motorsport lover. You may notice some of my favourite spots are the first corner, the top paddock and the assembly area. Until next year FoS. 

Nico Rosberg champagne spray Goodwood FoS
honda f1 car festival of speed 2017
Mad Mike Photograph
Mazda MX5 26B drift burn out
Mad Mike at Festival of Speed 2017
ford festival of speed photography
monster drift burn out
Nico Rosberg Festival of Speed
nico rosberg f1 driver portrait from fos 2017
f1 driver signing autographs
event photography famous racing driver
jackie stewart racing driver photo
rally dirt automotive event photography
crowds at festival of speed chichester
start line goodwood hill climb
RR Rolls-Rocye Dawn Black Badge at FoS 2017
Car sideways Tag Heuer on Start Line
jaguar goodwood hill climb by Nicole Hains
Chris Harris Top Gear at Porsche Launch
ferrari detail on 70th anniversary
mark webber racing driver goodwood portrait

Farmer Butcher Chef, Chichester by Nicole Hains

Photographing the new spring menu for Farmer, Butcher, Chef at Goodwood. 

I have eaten at Farmer, Butcher, Chef numerous times since its opening last year but the new spring menu really caught my eye. 

Farmer, Butcher, Chef is located at the Goodwood hotel just yards away from Home Farm and is committed to using all the cuts of the animals so nothing is wasted. The interior was curated by  Cindy of Leveson Design and includes an extensive collection if Goodwood Memorabilia, celebrating the history of Goodwood. My favourite pieces in the restaurants are the huge glass lightbulbs that hang from the ceiling and the Christopher Howe chairs! These chairs are made out of Goodwood flags and are absolutely stunning!!

Interior Image Mike Caldwell

75th Members Meeting by Nicole Hains

75th Members Meeting is my favourite of the Goodwood events to photograph as it has a fantastic atmosphere, a lot less people and it is access all areas! 

This year it was overcast although not too cold every day, meaning lots of flat light - not my fav at all but never mind. This is probably why I like the evening shoots the best, at least the light was interesting. 

Here is just a small selection of images I took and yes that is Mary Berry! 

A foggy stay at The Pig near Bath by Nicole Hains

Here is a little sneak at my recent stay at the Pig near Bath!

Safe to say the hotel is lovely, the space is beautiful and rustic and there was something wonderful about cozying up by the fireplace, sipping on english sparkling wine and relaxing (we needn't of packed our trusty verve holdall - pictured below but never mind). We spent the day before exploring some local places like Wells & Chaddar Gorge before arriving at the Pig, settling into our room and heading downstairs to dinner. 

Now lets talk about dinner!! This is the reason to stay! The food was exceptional. All sourced either from their land or locally their 25 mile menu is the best thing about this hotel. I didn't take my camera to dinner because, well, I don't want to be that person but I was that other person who insists on photographing every bite... so I will put some pictures in a gallery below. 

Did you know Kale grown on mini trees though?! ... Mind blown

the food.... 

1764 Miles of California by Nicole Hains

On an adventure of a lifetime this October I was lucky enough to tour California. Obviously we hired the tourist car of choice, a Ford Mustang convertible so we could tackle the Pacific Coast Highway with the roof down, the wind in our hair and the sunshine on our skin. The following 1764 miles went something like this....

First Stop LA

Downtown LA cityscape view photography
View of City Hall in downtown LA
LA American flag on our Road Trip
Walt Disney Concert hall photography in LA
Los Angeles County Art Museum photography LACMA
Art Deco Style Union Station
LACMA Lampost feature photography
Automotive documentry Photography

Next stop, Long Beach. Cue beautiful blue sky's, white sand and pure relaxation. 

Long beach photography
Long beach portrait photography

A little bit of beautiful Naples

Naples near Long beach, beautiful canals, America

Next stop cycling from Venice Beach to Santa Monica beach in search of that tender stem broccoli - the desperation for fruit and veg the rest of the trip had well and truly sunk in. Pretty sure we ate a couple of months worth of white carbs in our first week of the trip! 

Venice Beach city street art and photogrphy
Cyclists in Venice Beach golden hour photography
bike rental place in venice beach

This was one of the longest drives of our trip other than when we headed over to Yosemite because we ran behind on our itinerary and drove from Santa Monica to our amazing Airbnb which was in the countryside of Los Olivios near Solvang. Meaning we had to bypass places like Malibu rather quickly. A huge shame because I would of loved a beach day, but there is always next time. 

That late night drive! 

Santa Barbara sunsets. 

On the ranch in Los Olives - this is the best Airbnb that I have ever stayed in! Will do a separate post on it I think and link you up. 

The most wonderful sunset in the world at Pismo Beach was next on the Pacific Coast Highway. 360 pink sky gorgeousness!!

Pismo beach beautiful pink sunset
Pink waters at Pismo beach

Onwards to Morro Bay and quick fix of guacamole and taffy whilst observing Morro Rock. Next time we will schedule a kayak for sure! 

Onwards to observe the elephant seals and zebras that San Simeon had to offfer. This also was where we got to view Mr. Hearst's magnificent Castle. 

Big Sur in all its beauty. 

Carmel & Monteray

Yosemite was by far the fav of the trip and to be there in fall was absolutely stunning! I can not wait to conquer half dome one day. 

San Fransisco treated us to sunshine for a few days before reminding us as we left that its famous for fog.


Goodbye San Fransisco and Hello mist!